Introduction: Clay Ironman Head

hey guys. today I'm gonna show you how to make ironman's face out of clay. if you have any questions leave a comment and I will respond asap. lets get started.

Step 1: Materials

-model magic
-paint ( not needed)

-carving tool ( I used a small screwdriver)

Step 2: Look at a Reference

first you will look at the reference and look at the shape of the head. then start carving.

Step 3: Shaping

then you start shaping the head. make sure to get it as close as you can.

Step 4: Details

make the front and sides of the clay look like the reference.

Step 5: Paint

now paint the head red and gold or any colors that suits you.

Step 6: Finished

now you have an Ironman head made of clay. I hope you enjoy it.

Step 7: New Step