Introduction: Clay Kitty Latte Art

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This cute Kitty art is a latte with whipped cat
This makes an adorable charm
I used air dry clay for both the cup and kitty but you can use polymer clay for the cup and paper clay for the kitty

Step 1: Materials






Step 2: Making the Coffee Cup

Roll out your clay flat
Cut the clay evenly into a rectangle
If you want the cup to have a fancier look, on the sides cut it slanted
Take a flat piece and place it at the end of the long side of the rectangle
Start rolling the piece with the sides of the cup
Connect the two ends and smooth them out
Since I used air dry clay, I used water to smooth and even the clay cup
Make a handle by curving a thin strip of clay and making the ends flat for easy attachment
Fill the inside of the cup with clay
Bake or let it dry
I painted my cup with acrylic paint

Step 3: Making the Kitty Latte Art

Take a ball f clay and form it into a sort of glob
Make 2 triangles and mold into the glob of clay
Take a toothpick or balling tool and make circular motions on the glob of clay
Later smooth out the clay with your finger
On a piece of paper, dob a dot of glue and scrape some eyeshadow or pastel opposite the glue
Mix together equal amounts of glue and powder
With a toothpick, fill the ears with a yellow
Make a face
Apply superglue to the inside of the cup and place the cat on top
This is optional: make a whipped strip and place around the cat
Apply glue on the cup and kitty

Step 4: Results

This makes a cute charm and gift for someone
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