Introduction: Clay Mosaic

Hi, my name is Jacob.

I am 10 years old. I also live in New Jersey. I make clay animals and sell them. When I found this Sculpting Challenge I said this would be fun, I think I will do this, I could win an amazon gift card and if I do not I had fun anyway. I hope you have a good day every one.


For this clay mosaic you will need

play dough

play dough craft supplies

and a mosaic paper

Step 1: Mosaic Paper

First, get the mosaic paper of your choice.

Step 2: Play Dough

Get enough play dough of each color for the mosaic and to fill in each square.

Step 3: Understanding the Mosaic

Look at the first letter on the left side of the mosaic page and that is the color you are going to need.

Step 4: Using Play Dough

Use the color that you need cut it into the size of the square on the mosaic look at the letter you are going to do and keep cutting the squares and putting the squares on the block with the same letter and repeat with all the letters until done.

Step 5: I'm Done!!!

I am done!!! I hope you do this it is very fun. I hope you have a great day!