Introduction: Clay Oogie Boogie

Air dry clay oogie boogie

Step 1: Air Dry Clay Oogie Boogie


2 20oz sprite bottles
DAS modeling clay, white
Aluminum foil
Hot glue gun
Exacto knife and clay modeling tools
Acrylic paint
Fairy house LED lights

First I cut the bottom off one of the sprite bottles and turned it upside. This will be the pumpkin.
Use the rest of the bottle as the base for his body.

Cut the top and bottom off the next bottle, then cut the the rest in half long way so that it’s in two pieces. Take those pieces and glue them to each side of the body to flare it making boogie look fatter.
Next construct the head, arms and feet with aluminum foil and glue it on.
Cover it all with clay, then cut out the facial features and the pumpkin face with an exacto knife.
Then PAINT! After it’s dry you can put the light inside and it will glow green out of any parts of the clay you cut out! ??