Introduction: Clay Pigeon Picture Frames

For my first project, I decided to share my clay pigeon picture frames! This project is very easy, and should only take about 5 minutes, 10 minutes if you want to make it the best you can, or are doing it for the first time. You are going to need...

-A clay pigeon

-Blunt object

-File (Optional)

-Sharpie (Optional)



-Duct tape or Wooden support for photo

Step 1: Get Your Pigeon

Simple enough, get a spare pigeon, or buy a box of them.

Step 2: Break

Break the inside of the pigeon with the blunt object, a hammer or of that sort

Step 3: (Optional) File/ Sharpie

This step is more for design. If you want to black out the rim of whats left, or file it away, either way, its your project so do what you want.

Step 4: My Design

What I did was I filed it down, and blacked it out because I thought it looked nicer this way.

Step 5: Cut and Support

Cut the picture a little bigger than the hole. This is so you have some extra if you need it. I taped it, but you can make an x out of wood and tape it, or hot glue it to the pigeon

Step 6: Finish

Good Job! You have finished your picture frames! Add your own designs and flare. If you want send me an email of what you did, I'd love to see them.