Introduction: Clay Rose

Here is how you make a rose out of clay!

Step 1: Choose a Size

First of all, you need to choose how big you want the rose to be. If you are more comfortable doing bigger things then follow these steps but make sure the circles are bigger than the ones I have shown. I am using blu-tack instead of clay for this because you can take your time and it doesn't fall apart. If you do use clay, I reccomend mixing it with plasticine to make it easier to use.

Step 2: Roll Out the Shapes.

You only need one shape for this - circles. I used 9 small circles to make mine. To do this, pull a bit of clay from the ball you are using, roll it into a ball and squish it between your forefinger and thumb.

Step 3: Make It.

Now you have your nine discs, you're gonna need to actually make the rose. To do this you need to grab one circle and roll it up gently. Next, you need to get two circles and place them either side, round the twirled up center. In between the two petals, add another. Keep going like that til all the circles have been used up.

Step 4: Finished.

You ahould have finished making your rose! If it doesn't look right, try moving the last four petals down, lower down the flower. You can also make dfferent flowers if you reduce the amount of petals you use.