Introduction: Clay Stove

It is fire stove made up of clay and easy in moving wherever you want. You can cook food & boil water. In fuel you can use wood pieces, coal, dry leaves etc.


In supplies it require these things:

  • bricks
  • card board or wooden platform or metal piece
  • clay/soil
  • water

Step 1: Step 1: Arrange and Apply Wet Soil

First, take a wooden or cardboard platform, arrange bricks on it & applying wet soil paste on bricks.

Note: Add some water and make some paste of soil, but don't add of lots of water in it .

Step 2: Step 2: Apply Wet Soil Paste

Applying wet soil paste in good amount all around the structure as well as bottom of it. Also use metal rod or brick or metal scrap for making bridge section of your stove if you want. It isn't necessary but i have used a metal piece as support for bridge section.

Step 3: Step 3: Finally Its Ready

After applying soil paste/ clay we will leave it to dry in sunlight for 3-4 hour. Afterward your clay stove is ready to use & you can move it to somewhere else in case of later usage.

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