Introduction: Clean Drilling

Drilling a hole in the wall without having to hold a hoover or get it out when you’ve finished

Step 1: Prepare

Mark the hole

Fold a piece of kitchen towel in half and wet with a spray bottle (I used window cleaner, because it was in a spray bottle)

The paper will fold over your hand

Step 2: Drilling

Hold your index finger flat on the wall and support the paper on your flat hand

Drill the hole (note the brick dust is getting moist on the paper)

Step 3: Cleaning Up

Pull the paper back against your finger and tilt the back slightly down, this will make your brick dust mountain fall onto the wet paper.

Fold it in half to trap all the brick dust.

Wipe the wall with the folded piece with the brick dust in (fold and wipe as required, one piece of kitchen towel should be sufficient per hole)

Voila! Hole drilled with no mess