Introduction: Clean Up Wax on Any Hard Surface

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Candles, they look so romantic and smell so beautiful, don’t they? But they can be tricky, especially when they drip and you end up with wax on your counter top or table. This is the fastest and easiest way that I’ve found to clean up wax, even in large amounts.


All you need is
• A wax spill
• 2 semi clean wash rags or dish towels
• A source of water and
• A microwave

Step 1: Don’t Wait to Long.

The longer you wait the less success you may have. I would suggest doing this when you first notice the spill, or within a week after your candle has died out.
Ok Step 1.
Find a semi clean wash rag or dish towel and get it wet with hot or cold water and ring it out until it is only damp.

Step 2: Put Wet Towel in Microwave

Microwave wet towel on high for about 30-35 seconds.
Be very careful It’s Hot!!
I used another dry room temp towel to pick it up because I don’t want to burn myself.

Step 3: Clean It Up.

Use hot, wet towel and gently wipe over the spill until it magically disappears. If you have more than one spot you may need to repeat this process. The towel will cool off or have a lot of wax on it and become less effective. If you reheat the towel I would advise using less time so you don’t burn yourself.