Introduction: Construction Paper Spider-Man Mask

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Need a party or Halloween Costume? Or just want to have Spidey senses for the day? Then this is a quick and easy mask will do the trick (it may or may not give you spider senses but it will still look cool. :)

Step 1: Marerials

All the materials you need for this instructables are;
~1 12x8 price of construction paper (preferably
red but it doesn't matter)
~1 role of Duct tape any color.
~1 dark colored Sharpie or marker
~1 pair of Scisors
- A sewing measuring tape (optional)

Step 2:

•Lay paper in landscape position on chosen workstation.
•Fold paper in as close to a perfect half as you are humanly capable.
•Draw a Spider-Man Eye about 1 inch from the fold and 5-6 inches from the bottom of the paper.
-- It's ok if you mess up on the eye the first time, just flip it over and draw again, this is the inside.

Step 3:

Now you want to curve it so you can breath.
•Remember the fold along the middle? Now you get to use it instead of relying on a sharpie line.
• Cut about 3 inches from the bottom, and 4 from the top.
+ I recommend having tape ready for the next step.
• Fold one side of the bottom cut over the other until it is nice and rounded, then tape it. Now fold the top cuts in the opposite direction and tape this.

Step 4:

Flip the mask over.
Now, You are probably wondering how you are going to fix the crazy flap from folding the curve. If you already figured it out, Good Job, but if not, here's how.
• Take your Duct Tape and tear off a piece. Then tear it in half vertically (try not to let it fold back on itself, because that will put you in a sticky situation;p.)
• Then role both pieces as shown, if you did get it stuck on itself thats ok, just cut the other piece in half.
• Now stick the roled pieces under the flaps and stick it together.

Step 5:

You can draw your spider web on the front now or latter. I used my knee to keep it steady and not make any rinkles in the paper.

!Now for the strap.
• I used the sewing measuring tape and measured the circumference of my head then subtracted the length of the mask, so I could figure out how long the strap should be.
• Get about 12 inches of Duct Tape off of the role, and fold it in half, so no sticky is showing.
• Then tape it to the inside of the mask, as shown.
• Now is the time to draw your web and finish up, if you didn't do so earlier.)!!~~~Feel free to expand on this design as much as you like, I made this mask just to have one for the day, so it was a quick make and fun to wear.