Introduction: Clean Burned in Oil From Your Pots and Pans With NO Chemicals the Lazy Way

Here's how I clean the bottom of my frying pans: with a detail sander.

Take a look at the pictures -- those are at least 1mm worth of burned in oil at the bottom off in a few minutes with the detail sander. Yea, Hah! That is how a man clean his tools. Well at least this man. That is a 60 grit paper on the sander since I neglected these pans for a while. If your pans are not in such a state use a smaller grit like 120 or finer if you want.

If you don't own a detail sander then use elbow grease -- it would only take longer to clean so the Lazy way is out for you.

Step 1: Here Is the Frying Pan All Cleaned Too

See how easy that was? You too can achieve the same result with little effort. Clean like a man the lazy way ALWAYS!

Step 2: