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I thought I would throw this one in for fun, it is constructed a little differently than my other one, but I think it looks neat. Also could come in handy at some high schools if they make you bring clear bags. This is being entered in the Tap'dNY Keep the bottle Contest. If you haven't yet, Please vote-please vote-please vote! Thanks!

Step 1: Materials Needed

First you need:
1. A clear one liter pop bottle
2. Clear vinyl sheeting- 14 1/2 inches by 7 inches
3. A package of clear lacing, like you use for lanyards
4. Clear beads
5. Super glue, if you want to use it for the knots
6. Peanut butter!


a. Some dental floss
b. A hole punch
c. An x-acto knife
d. A cutting board

Step 2: Cut Your Bottle

I used a regular 1 liter pop bottle.
First I cleaned off my bottle, scrubbing the sticky parts with peanut butter to get it all off. (You have to scratch the remnants of the white plastic label off under hot water with your finger nail.) Then, I tied a string around the middle of the bottle, and drew a line around right below the string. I used ribbon at first, but then I used some dental floss, and I think it worked better because it didn't slide around. I also used a water based pen to draw my lines because I wanted my purse totally clear, but a "Sharpie" would stay on better, so it's up to you. I cut the bottle using an x-acto knife. Then I drew another line about a half inch down, and punched a line of holes about a 1/4 inch apart with a hole punch.

Step 3: Purse Top

Time to cut the vinyl for the top. I cut it 14 1/2 inches long, and 7 inches tall. Then I wrapped it around the bottom. It should overlap about an inch and 1/8. I marked the 2 holes where it overlaps on both pieces of vinyl, and marked the two holes that I used as the starting point, with an x below them. This just helps you keep your holes that you have punched lined up better. I punched out the 4 holes on the vinyl, and then put the vinyl back on the bottle, and marked the rest of the holes on the vinyl over top of the ones on the bottom bottle part so they line up. (See picture) Now, of course you punch out the rest of the holes for the bottom. Next you can punch the side holes on the vinyl. (On one end of mine, I was going to make it more complicated, and then I changed my mind. So there is one extra hole in the middle on one side, just ignore that.) What I did was measure out the four holes on the bottom(About an inch square) and punch them, then take a scrap piece of paper and trace the four holes on it, plus the vinyl's edge. Then I moved it down the line two holes at a time, and traced the holes on the vinyl. That way they are evenly spaced without having to measure them all. Now you punch those holes. Next you punch the holes for the drawstring. I ended up just laying it on the cutting board and drawing little circles an inch apart. This was a little farther than my hole punch could reach, so I folded the vinyl a little so I could punch the holes. Now that I look at it, I wish I had punched them down a little further on the vinyl, although then I don't think you could punch them with a hole puncher. You could, however, use a hole punch for leather, a spring loaded hole punch(Maybe, I'm not sure this one would be strong enough), or a hole punch that you can hit with a hammer. Alternatively, you could just cut a hole with an x-acto blade, but it might tear easier. You could also use a hot nail, if you are feeling adventurous, but I don't know if I would recommend that or not. :)

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Now it's time to lace it all together! Yay! I used the plastic lace that you use to make lanyards out of.
Wrap your clear lace around your bottle 4 times. This should give you enough to go around the purse. Fold your lace in half. Lace together one side of the vinyl and the bottom two holes on your purse bottom that are marked with the X's. Keep lacing back and forth, (like in the picture with the green lacing) all the way around until you are back where you started. Then run a lace through your beginning loop, and tie a knot. You can superglue it for extra strength. Don't cut your ends off, we are going to string beads on them soon.
Lacing the two pieces of vinyl together is just a simple X pattern, lacing from the top of the purse down to the bottom, and tying a knot close to the first knot. Use about four lengths of the lace for the sides. Again, leave your extra, we are going to string beads on them later.
For the drawstring, I braided 3 pieces of lace together as flat as I could manage. The braid tends to want to curl up, but it still looks alright. I think I wrapped this around the bottle four times to measure it also. I thought about using aquarium tubing, but I think it would have been too stiff. I wove my braid through the holes, and tied the braid together at the ends with a knot.
Last, I threaded some clear beads that I had onto the ends of the lacing for decoration, tied a knot, and trimmed the ends of the lace. You have to pick beads with pretty large holes. I had some clear pony beads left over from a project, and some clear crystal style plastic ones I got at a thrift store. And that's it! I hope you enjoy your purse, if you decide to make one!
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