Introduction: Clear Loud Cube Speaker

I took a battery box, one of those 10 dollar folding speaker modules, some epoxy and a plastic case from a dollar store metal puzzle toy. I thought it was cool because now instead of hiding all of the beautiful electronic components like the capacitors and the speaker cone cover.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Battery box or holder
Amplifier circuit and speaker from a cheap speaker module, I used one like this (
Box for all of the above (I used a clear case from a dollar store Metal Puzzle toy

Soldering iron and solder
Drill (Drill press works best)
Small Drill bit
Sanding Drum (Belt sander would work to, and sandpaper would to, as long as you have a month set out to sand it)

Step 2: Prepare the Battery Holder

I got one of those battery holders that takes 4 AA and has a built in switch, you should use whatever your speakers use, mine actually used AAA's but AA's work because any normal "Lettered" battery (AA, C, D etc) will work because they are all 1.5 volts a piece. I used AA cause that's the kind of holder I had sitting around, just a hint, ifyou use the same cube as I did get a AAA holder it will honestly save about and hour and a half of work

1. Unscrew the little screw in the thick part of the battery holder
2. Pry off the melted down plastic rods to release the plate over the switch
3. Unsolder the switch and save for later
4. Pull the wires back through the holes
5. Saw off the part where the switch was hidden
6. Sand/File down as much as you can, if you can see it on the sides I sanded it down, I actually cut out

Step 3: Prepare the Speakers

I took the speakers completely apart, all 30 or so screws and removed one speaker and the circuit board, I clipped the wires to the battery holder installed in the original so that I could use my own battery box, then I soldered it to the battery box, then I epoxied the circuit to the bottom of the Battery Box

Step 4: Prepare the Case

I had to do a ton of work on the case to fit all of the stuff I wanted it to, I first cut off about a half inch piece of one side so that the battery box could stick out a little bit, I then filed down the insides to make it big enough for the batteries to fit, I also Drilled holes in the top to allow the sound to escape

Step 5: Rock Out

You're cube speaker is now done and it is quite loud for such a tiny speaker, plug it in and crank out the tunes, Also please rate and VOTE FOR ME IN THE EPILOG AND US OF EFFIECIENCY CONTESTS

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