Introduction: Clever Grill and Iron Kettle Over Fireplace

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I have for You very tasty and clever project - grill or iron kettle to hang over the fireplace in your backyard. Adjustable, movable and detachable. Belive me, it's really cool project which allows to not only make BBQ and sausages but also hang the kettle and do some delicious stews or soups.


This is not a complicated project, so let's start. We will need:
- two metal pipes
- one pipe with slightly lower diameter than the first ones
- hand winch with the steel cable
- two metal rope pulleys
- fire resistant paint
- and of course grill grate or iron kettle

Step 1: The Movable Crane

First We start from making a crane in a upside down L-letter shape. You need three pipes- two with slightly bigger in diameter then the third. The pipes have to cover one inside the other. Like on the picture (or the video).

Just cut the two pipes at 45 degress and weld them. Add the metal reinforcement triangle as shown on a picture.

Now take the third pipe (with lower diameter) and put it near Your fire pit in a reinforced concrete. Be sure to make the pipe in the ground good levelled.

Step 2: Finish With Paint

The crane is ready to be painted. I used paint which is heat resistant, but notice that such paints needs to be heated up to 160-200 degrees (Celsius) before they gain the 100% of heat resistant powers. So You need to do this before mounting all parts toghether

Step 3: Pulleys and Winch

OK. The crane is ready to mount the winch, steel rope and pulleys.

You need to buy right pulleys, made from weldable metal. Attach them to the end of the crane at the top pipe at each side at 45 degrees. Important thing. When You will weld the pulleys, do it fast to not overheat them, to not ruin the turning wheel.

I used the pulleys for a 6mm steel rope. The rope was already on the winch which I've bought. The winch is pretty chip and solid. It allows to pull more then 1000kg so enough of strength for the grill :)

Step 4: Bon Apetit :)

And that's all. Easy project, but still very useful and tasty. Now You are ready to make some BBQ or stews on Your fireplace.