Introduction: Clock Project.

The reason why I'm doing this clock recycling thing is because it helps make the one thing that would eventually be thrown out and turn into another useful component. And it keeps the environment clean.

Step 1: Pick Your Wood

First find the piece of wood you want. Than study the wood and see if is needs work. Keep in mind choose what type of wood it is.

Step 2: Cleaning the Wood

Sand the wood to a nice 220 fine surface. Also I had to make sure the wood didn't have many cracks or water damaged. next measure the diameter of the wheel and mark out an outline.

Step 3: Have Layouts for You Clock

Then you need to cut out the circle for the wheel but don't cut through the wood all the way, With the square cut it all the way so the clock motor.

Step 4: Making It Look Nice

To cover the ugly clock motor I 3D printed a cover that glows in the dark. this will make the wheel look better in the dark. I use hot glue to glue it to the rim.

Step 5: Shades of Colors

Next I used polyurethane to give the wood a nice smooth and red oak looking piece of wood. Also I made sure that there was no air bubbles.

Step 6: Putting It Together

To hold the wheel in place I used epoxy to glue it to the wood. Next day the epoxy harden and the wheel is in place.

Step 7: Fitting the Clock

Next what I did is fit the clock to the wheel and tighten a washer so the clock head stays. Also I bend the hands of the clock so they would clear the wheel. Than I tested the clock motor and it works. After everything is put together I fine adjusted all all the moving components. Now the clock is ticking and it's done.

Step 8: Where to Put It

You can put the clock anywhere you want. Have the choice of you clock and where to put it where you want.