Introduction: CloneTrooper EVA Costume - Captain Rex

Hello friends!
Four months ago I bought a Captain Rex Clonetrooper helmet. Since then I've been thinking how to make a character like costume with just few dollars.

I tried to use PVC tubes, but is hard to mold and don't have a good final look.
Then I decide to use EVA.

EVA is a little miraculous material. Atoxic, scentless, colorful and cheap. It is easy to cut, easy to mold, and easy to glue!

So I decide to share this with all my Instructable friends. I hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Starting Point

I'm gonna post here the images found in Internet that I used to draw the drafts.

Some come from official Star Wars (R) site.
Others from models made by fans.

There are some differences between them, but you can choose the best for you.

Step 2: List of Material

Things you gonna need:

- EVA - Lots of EVA sheets:
Basic Colors:
White - for torso, arms, legs and details
Black - for shoulder shield, and details
Gray - for shoulder shield, belly and details
Blue - for shoulder shield

- draft paper or newspaper for drawnings
- Contact glue and hot glue
- Velcro - used to finish the costume and fix it on your body
- A black turtleneck shirt
- A black legging pants
- A pair of black gloves
- A pair or big socks (bigger then your foot)
- Blue ink for the details on costume
- Liquid shoe wax to weather the costume

measure tape
Hot glue pistol

Step 3: Codpiece, Butt and Thighs

For this step, buy a tight used paints.

Dress it and ask to someone to draw the codpiece, but and thighs of the costume on it.

After the last step, use a scissor to open the paints and use it as mold. Look the images attached.

Step 4: Shins, Forearms, Biceps and Shoulders

Now you have three things to do:

1 - Measure your body
2 - Draw the drafts on paper
3 - Cut the EVA based on draws

I'm 5.6 feet tall and 132 pound weight. If it fit to you, you can use my draws

Try to do a initial draw and test it. If isn't good, do it again.

Have in mind that the ticker part of shin is the calf.

Step 5: Chest and Back

The torso is like a sleeveless t-shirt.

The front and back is almost equal, except by the neck (a little smaller at back) and the belly cut (only front)
Use the measure tape on you to find the perfect high and widht.
The chest peace goes until your navel.

Have in mind:
That our torso is like a inverted cone.
That you must to left edges to glue velcro to close the torso.

Step 6: Abdomen and Kidney Plates

Use the measure tape on you to find the measure between under chest and codpiece.

I draw it like a hexagon but you can do it round too.
It must cover the belly and the lower back of your body.

Use Grey EVA for the inner details.

Step 7: Shoulder Shield

Shouder Shield is round in some pictures and poligonal in anothers.
I choose to do it round because is the easy way.

Use a slice of the draft to cut the grey details.
Use the measure tape to measue your head to cut the inner circle.
Use contact glue or hot glue.
Use velcro to fix the shield edges to the chest and back.

Use the blue EVA to make the left shoulder detail.

Step 8: Belt and Skirt

Use an old belt to build this part:

I used two EVA sheets to build the skirt.
Just cut the lower corners and glue blue stripes of EVA over the edges.

Glue the skirt in the inner side of the belt.

You can optionaly glue the holsters at this step.

Step 9: Boots

To not destroy any of your shoes, do as follow:

- Buy a urge pair of white socks. Big enought to put on over your shoes.
- Use Hot Glue to make a sole in your socks.

- Cut and glue the boots detail over the socks.

Step 10: Gun and Gloves

After use the hot glue gun to finish your costume, you can use it as the clonetrooper gun.

Optionaly you can do as I did:
take a carnival adornment with flashing LEDs, disassembly it and use it inside your old hot glue gun.

Glue the handplates over the gloves with hot glue.

Step 11: Painting and Weathering

Use  the blue ink to paint the details of your costume. Take a look of the character images to do it well.
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