Introduction: Clothes Hanger Slingshot!

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You can make it in 10 minutes!

It's a lot of fun to play around with.

I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you will have fun building and using it!

It's a new, cool way to recycle old clothes hangers into fun!

I've included a video clip of me shooting it.

I shot a pencil across the room!

I will also be adding a new instructable soon for some cool ammo!

Step 1: Step 1: Preperation

Before you start you need a few things...

#1. A Clothes Hanger

#2. Duct Tape

#3. A Rubber Band

And now you're ready!

Step 2: Step 2: Adding the Rubber Band

First you have to hook the rubber band on one of the sides of the clothes hanger,
then bring it over the hook and hook it on the other side.

Then you have to grab one half of the rubber band and hook it over the place where the hook meets the hanger.

Look a the pictures for reference.

Step 3: Step 3: Adding the Patch

Now you need a patch to hold the stuff you shoot in, right?

This is where the duct tape comes in.

You need to get two small squares of duct tape and put one square, with the middle on the rubber band, on the rubber band.

Then flip it over and add the square of duct tape on top of the other square.

Then you might need to trim it some so your ammo won't stick to the patch.

And then...

Step 4: Step 4: You're Done!

Now you're done.

Go have some fun with it!

If you want to make some special ammo, then check out my next instructable on how to make ammo for this slingshot.

Thanks for looking, Bye!