Introduction: Clothes Line in a Bottle!

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me and my family were camping on the coast, and with having going through tons of cloths we forgot to bring a clothes line, but we couldn't fit one in the car so this sparked my idea!

today we will be making a cool camping life hack.
for the clothsline in a bottle you will need:
12mm drill bit - or the same size as your rope
(you can use as much rope and as big of a bottle as possible.)

Step 1: Photo of Tools and Parts!

Step 2: Drill!

with a 12mm drill bit drill a hole in the bottle cap. be carfull when drilling, place the cap on the ground and grip it tight while slowly drilling the centre.

HINT! make sure your using the same drill bit as your rope since you dont want it to be loose and fall out.

Step 3: Rope and Bottles!

tie a knot once you have pullet the rope through the inside of the bottle. on the other side make a loop to hang things off.

streatch the rope out and coil it inside, then screw the cap on.
then your bottle clothes line is done!
i hope this helped you and its also great to put inside a survival bug out bad.

TIP! you can also put pegs on the rope for storage.
happy camping thanks for reading.

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