Introduction: Clothespin Butterfly Treats

If you have kids in school, chances are you'll need a class room treat. Between birthdays, special occasions and more, you'll want to make these fun treats that the kids are sure to love.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You'll need the following supplies to make these butterflies: wiggle eyes, clothespins, pom poms (1 larger for the head and 4-5 smaller ones for the body), chenille stems (color choice is up to you!), hot glue and a snack sized bag of Goldfish crackers. Goldfish crackers work well because they are small and can be moved away from the middle of the bag. Chips wouldn't work as well as you'd end up crushing them!

Step 2: Cut Your Antennae and Attach

Cut each chenille stem into three equal parts. This will ensure you get as many antennae per chenille stem as possible. Bend each piece of chenille stem in half and then curl the ends over. I used a pliers to get a tighter curl, but you can use your fingers or even make a spiral! Once you have shaped your antennae to your liking, use a bit of hot glue to attach your antennae to the top part of your clothespin, where the clothespin will open.

Step 3: Attach Pom Poms and Eyes

Once you have your antennae attached, put one of the larger pom poms on top of your antennae. This will be the head. Glue on 4-5 smaller pom poms along the length of the clothespin to make the butterflies body. Once you have all your pom poms attached, glue on two wiggly eyes.

Step 4: Pop the Bag

Next you'll want to make your butterfly wings. The key to getting the goldfish bag into the clothespin to make the wings is to let all the air out of the bag. To achieve this, use a straight pin or a sewing needle to pop a hole in the bag. I put my needle right in the seam of the bag. Squeeze out all the air and then pinch your bag in the middle and clip on your butterfly body. Ta-da!

Step 5: Finish Up

Clip your butterfly body to the bag of goldfish and you're all done! If you're making a lot of them at once, do them in stages and make sure you have plenty of hot glue on hand!