Clothespin Wire Stripper - DIY Tool

Introduction: Clothespin Wire Stripper - DIY Tool

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Today I show you how to make a clothespin wire stripper using a pencil sharpener and a clothespin.

This is a simple manual wire stripper with only one blade.

Here is my Youtube Tutorial Video : Clothespin Wire Stripper

The center hole of the clothespin makes it easier to cut the insulation without cutting the wire. This type of wire stripper is used by rotating it around the insulation while applying pressure in order to make a cut around the insulation. Since the insulation is not bonded to the wire, it then pulls easily off the end. This is the most versatile type of wire stripper and easy to make.

BUT BE CAREFUL !!! The blade of the pencil sharpener is very sharp. DO NOT HURT YOURSELF !!!

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Step 1: You Need:

- a clothespin

- a screwdriver

- a pencil sharpener ( 1 blade )

Step 2: Blade

Take one of the blades from your pencil sharpener...and take care of the small screw. You need this screw at the next step. Be CAREFUL with the blade. Don't HURT yourself !!!

Step 3: Place the Blade

Place the blade as you can see at the photo and fix it with the little screw.

Step 4: Ready for USE !

Now your clothespin wire stripper is ready to use.

Take your wire, place the wire stripper on it , as you can see at the photo

and turn the cable or the wire stripper carefully.

There is no need to press the clothespin togehter. The clothespin or "wire stripper" makes it by itself.

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    8 months ago on Step 4

    I was actually looking for a cable stripper that strips the cable lengthwise of all the insulation. But with a little bit of tweaking I should be able to construct that based on this design. It is clever to use the clothes pin for "clamping" or securing the cable, and it is probably quite easy to adjust the gap for different size cables since it's wood and can be sanded down.


    6 years ago

    Very cool and easy. :) Great idea.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks :-D