Introduction: Cloudy Night Spray Paint Print

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Hi all, today I will teach how to make a Cloudy Night Print with Spray Paint. This is my first ever Instructable so give me some suggestions in the in the comments so I can Improve. I'd like to give credit to Skech Art's Channel (Yes, its spelt Skech, not Sketch) whose cloud technique I borrowed. Before we start this project I recommend attempting this on a piece of scrap wood so if you mess up it won't matter. I also recommend attempting this project in a well-ventilated area with a mask or respirator. So without further ado let's begin :D

Step 1: Materials

The tools and Materials you will need are:

1x Respirator/Dust Mask ( (

3x Spray Paint, Gloss Bermuda Blue, Gloss Black, and Gloss White (

1x Pen/Pencil

1x Printer Paper

1x Scissors

1x Plywood or anything you want to paint

Step 2: The First Coat and Making a Stencil

Dust your piece of wood lightly with your black paint (Pic 1), your first coat doesn't have to be a masterpiece and shouldn't take too long. Spray Paint usually takes 5-10 mins to dry completely so in the meantime let's start making the Cloud stencil. Start by drawing circles on the bottom of the piece of paper, vary them in size to give it a more natural look. Layer smaller circles on top of the others varying the height (Pic 2). Cut the outline of the circles out, making sure to get the small details, they make a BIG difference (Pic 3).

Step 3: The Second Coat and Making a Fade

Dust the wood again with the black paint making sure to get an even coat (Pic 1). Next, use the Blue Spray Paint and dust your piece of wood, from bottom to top, slowly decreasing the pressure you use on the nozzle and increasing the distance from the piece (Pic 2). This will give you a beautiful gradient but will take a while to dry. If you stuff up wait until the paint dries and then spray the base colour over the blue disappointing mistake.

Step 4: Clouds and Stars

Fold your cloud stencil upright to stop your white paint going anywhere else and dust the edge of the stencil on the bottom corner of the wood (Pics 1-2). Repeat this step where you like but I suggest keeping them close together. Before the paint dries on the stencil shake it on where the sky is so that it makes beautiful stars (Pic 3). If you forget to do this step spray some paint on a paintbrush and flick it on the wood.

Step 5: Finished

So there you have it, how to make a simple Cloudy Night print with Spray Paint. You can use this technique with different colours and stencils to make completely different prints. If you enjoyed this Instructable do me a favour and vote for me in the First Time Authors Contest. Thank you and Stay Safe this Christmas.

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