Introduction: Cobra Survival Bracelet

This is easy. This survival bracelet will help you with anything to do with camping, adventuring or getting lost in the wild. Once you have made it, when you go camping, you just unweave the bracelet and then it is ready to use. I hope you like it.

Step 1: Finding THE Objects

    To make this simple survival bracelet you will need;

    10 feet of rope,


    and Scissors.

    Step 2: The Length of Your Bracelet

    To make this bracelet fit you. You will need follow the picture above. Make sure you remember where it is and also make sure it is a bit loose so you can put it on when you are finished.

    Step 3: Part One; Starting to Weave

      Tie the not at the end so you cann start weaving back towards the end of the loop

      Step 4: Part Two; Weaving

      1. Loop the right hand string over the two straight strings.
      2. Now with the left hand string put it over the string and then go under the teo core strings and then trough the loop. Now pull tight.
      3. You will keep doing this on the second one on each side. It should keep repeting itself.

      Step 5: Finishing the Bracelet

      Once you have reached the end you will need to cut the excess string off the bracelet with scissors. Make sure you will still leave a little bit on the ends so you can melt it with the matches. Before the end of the bracelet, make sure you will leave a little space at the end.

      Now use the the ends so the bracelet doesn't come apart when wearing it.

      Step 6: The LAST Step

      Now melt both ends of the finished bracelet together so you van wear it. Doesn't it look cool? Looks cool to me.