Introduction: Coca Cola Crossbow With Trigger

You will learn how to turn 4 coca cola cans into a powerful crossbow.

If you have trouble following a step, you can always find the video instructions of the crossbow, there you can
also see the shooting tests.Warnings:

Coca Cola can have sharp edges, so be careful and wear gloves if you want.
The Dart is made using a Nail head, which can be dangerous. You can also use a toothpick or even safer, just the Q-Tip.

Step 1: Cut the Cans

You will need 4 coca cola cans. Start off by using scissors or a knife to cut the top and bottom off, and be as precise as you can.

Step 2: Unwrap

Cut the cans vertically aswell

Step 3: 4 Cut Up Cans

You should then have 4 sheets of coca cola can.

Step 4: Folding

Only do this for one can sheet for now, (in the end you will have to make this part another time, mirrored, but worry about that after you made the first half.)

So just fold it in half precisely, and use a pen to make the creases hard.

Step 5: Folding Again

Then fold once flap back up, and crease it hard again.

Step 6: Cut a Small Triangle

Next cut a small triangle towards the end of one side. This does not have to be very deep. Then fold it forwards like in the picture.

Step 7: Fold and Cut

Then fold the edge back down to the line, and leave 1mm of space which will make the next folds easier. Also cut where the triangle is like in the picture.

Step 8: Fold Down

Then cut off part of the flap you cut in the step before, and then fold all the parts down as far as you can. Then make sure its creased nicely. We do this so the rubber band does not cut sharp exposed can edges, and instead sits on smooth can edges.

Step 9: Fold Thick Layers

Next fold the thick layer up to the bottom of that triangle, make sure you dont fold it all the way up

Step 10: Cut and Fold

Now make 2 cuts on the remaining thin layer, and fold it up like in the picture.

Step 11: Fold It All Up

Now fold the layer up as far as it goes. Notice how we dont cover the triangle because of the step before.

Step 12: Repeat

Now repeat the steps to create another one of those. Make sure it is mirrored, and the triangle is in the same location.

Step 13: Fold

Then fold the ends (not triangle ends) like this. Use pliers to make the fold nice.

Step 14: Fold Twice

Now take another sheet of coca cola, and fold it vertically 2 times like in the picture. Make sure the creases are sharp.

Step 15: Cut

Then use scissors to cut through 2 layers of sheet, make sure its the 2 open layers and cut exactly in the middle.

Step 16: Trap the Layers

Now grab the 2 other parts and push them down between the layers, (through the slit you cut) and then secure them in place by folding over the 2 flappy things. (Watch the video if its too confusing here).

After that, take the remaining layers and fold it back so its all the same height.

Step 17: Make the Bow Shape

Fold the shape for the bow part . This does not have to be a sharp crease, just a bend.

Step 18: Take the Last Piece of Can

Now cut the last can like this, just 1 strip of it. That small strip will be for the trigger, the rest for the handle.

Step 19: Handle

Take the larger part we cut from before, and fold it in half twice using sharp creases

Step 20: Handle Cut

Next cut a small slit through the center of the handle and fold the flaps down like in the picture.

Step 21: Secure

You will take the handle off later again, but for now test it to make sure it fits.

So take the part from before, and lodge it between the 2 body parts of the crossbow with the flaps going over them.

Then lodge fold over and under the flaps so that you secure the handle. Check video if this is too confusing.

Step 22: Handle Securing

Now cut along the center of the handle, just about halfway, and it will create 2 flaps like before. Those flaps will be longer and you can secure them under the body like the other flaps. Again, check video if this is confusing.

Step 23: Last Part Handle

Finally use a paper clip to secure the handle and keep it flat.

Step 24: Trigger

Now take the other strip we cut for the trigger, and fold it in half twice like the pictures.

Step 25: Trigger Shape

Then cut the trigger shape like in the picture, and make a small hole (I used the scissor end, and twisted it back and forth until it made a small hole), You can also use a thumbtack and force, or a small drill.

Step 26: Trigger Placement

So take the handle off again, and spread the 2 body parts like the picture. Then place the trigger in it like picture 1 and use a pen or something to mark where the hole needs to be.

The other hole will be just under the top right part of the trigger.

Again make the holes using scissors or drill, and only through the first few layers.

Once the holes are done for one side, do it for the other side at the exact mirrored positions.

Step 27: Paperclip Strip

Take a paper clip, unfold it, strip plastic if you have any, and cut it in half to make 2 small wires

Step 28: Secure Trigger

Now secure the trigger, using the wire, and then put the wire through the bottom 2 holes.

The reason we have the bottom wire is so that the trigger can only go down so much, as it will be pulled with a rubber band later.

Once the wires are through, squash and fold them flat against the body, and then fold the outer body layers back up so in the end the wires should be covered up.

Next reattach the handle like before.

Step 29: Rubber Groove

Next cut 2 small slits at the bar and fold them over with pliers or something.

This is so the rubber stays in place, and doesn't get cut by sharp edges

Step 30: Rubber Trigger Pulley

Next take the bottom of one of the cola cans and cut this shape with it.

Step 31: Secure

Then secure that last step bit under the layers and you can hook a rubber band on it. Once the rubber is hooked, you can fold and tuck the flap under the layers of the crossbow. If you find that this part slips out a lot, you can take a thumbtack and force it through the center of the bow so it stays secure. See the video if you are confused.

Step 32: Dart

Take a q tip and cut off both tips, then take a nail and cut off the head, and then force it down one side. Ideally it will dry fit, but if its loose you can use a bit of superglue to hold it, or put a small slab of foil/plastic/paper/can along it so its tight. Or just use a toothpick, or dont cut the q tip at that end for a super harmless bolt.

Step 33: Dart Done

So the dart looks like this in the end.

Step 34: Crossbow Done

So this is it, the crossbow is complete all you need to do is put a rubber around the bow, and pull it back. The dart should sit about 1cm away from the triangle, so the rubber catches it when it shoots

Step 35: Shooting

It is really quite powerful, able to stick in cardboard from a distance. Check the video for more shooting tests.