Introduction: Coconut Birdhouse

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Making a birdhouse from a coconut.

1. Coconut
2. Drill + small drill bit + circular drill bit
3. Hemp twine
4. Flat-head screwdriver
5. Coconut scrap or other item

Step 1: Opening the Coconut

Drain the coconut by sticking your srewdriver, or other implement, into the larger, softer mouth of the coconut's "face." Gently move screwdriver around to enlarge the hole. You can also use a drill bit if you want. Shake out the fluid.

Using the circular bit in your drill, pick a spot on the coconut and cut a hole. Make sure to have the "face" of the coconut pointed upwards because that will be where your string comes out.

Once your hole is made, use the flat-head screwdriver to remove the meat. I find that using the screwdriver to score the meat before prying the meat out, makes everything work better. Use a thrust and twist technique to work small chucks of coconut loose. Periodically you will need to shake the chunks out.

Step 2: Drain Holes

Using your drill and small drill bit, make three (or more) holes in the bottom of your coconut.

Step 3: Add the String

Using your hemp twine, cut an appropriate length and feed it through the hole you made in the coconut's "face."

At the end of the twine inside the coconut, knot/attach a fragment of coconut, or other item. This will keep the coconut on the twine when you hang it.

Trim the twine at the end of your knot.

Step 4: Hang Your Birdhouse

Tada! Now you may hang your birdhouse.