Introduction: Coconut Husk Gardening Pot

Coconut husk gardening pot is made from waste coconut husks. Eco friendly pots which can be used to make vertical and hanging gardens. These pots can keep the moisture for longer periods and hence conserves water usage.

Step 1: Coconut Husk

1. Take a dried coconut

2. Mark the upper part of the coconut to cut using a chalk.

3. Use knives to cut the upper part of the coconut

4. Separate the husk from coconut

5. Preferably clean the inner part of husks to make space for coco peat which can hold water for longer periods.

Step 2: Joining, Painting & Filling the Pot

6. Join the husk using thread or staples

7. Paint the outer part of the husk and dry. Colors give great looks for the pots.

8. Fill the husk pot with coco peat, dried cow dung and soil

9. Plant some plants

10. Hang it over a convenient space.

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