Introduction: Uzhunnuvada

Uzhunnu vada is a traditional food of South India which is available in all hotels of South India for breakfast. The vada is usually served along with chutney and sambar.

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Black gram (uzhunnu) - 1 cup

2. Rice flour - 1Tbsp

3. Shallots - 10 nos

4. Green chili - 2 nos

5. Ginger - 1 small piece

6. Curry leaves - 5 nos

7. Black pepper powder - 1tsp

8. Cooking oil to deep fry

9. Salt to taste

Step 2: Preparation Steps

1. Soak the black gram (uzhunnu) in water for 30 minutes and drain out the water.

2. Using a mixer grind it into a thick paste. Preferably avoid water while grinding. One can add one chili and a small piece of ginger to make the vada spicy.

3. Finely chop the ingredients (chili, ginger, shallots, and curry leaves)

4. Mix the chopped ingredients, rice flour & black pepper powder to the grounded paste.

5. Now the vada base is ready for deep frying.

Step 3: Deep Fry

1. Take oil in a pan and heat it

2. The next main challenge is to put a hole in the vada

3. Take a small amount of vada batter in your hand and shape it to round and put a hole in the center using your finger.

4. Dip your hands in water to prevent the batter from sticking to your hand.

5. Put the batter into the hot oil at medium flame. Deep fry till both sides turn to a golden brown color.

6. Serve hot along with chutney.

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