Introduction: Coffee Box

To make a wooden stand, you will need a 20x90x2500mm alder board. Cut it into four 500 mm long planks.

Put them together, matching color and fiber direction, to form a small board. Put a number on each plank. Fit them together using a block plane. Check the surface of each piece using a straightedge; use a triangle to make sure there is a 90-degree angle between the face and the edge.

Smear the pieces evenly with glue and clamp them together. Remove excess glue using a piece of damp cloth. Wait until it dries completely.

Step 1: Sizing

Plane one of the board’s sides using a hand tool attached to a DIY surface planning and thicknessing machine. Mark the surface using an ink pen or pencil to control the amount of wood removed. It should not exceed 1 mm at one operation.

Fit the pieces until they are 12 mm thick. Mark one side of each board as a face side.

Adjust the pieces’ width on a router table.

Adjust the size using a miter saw.

Step 2: Tenon Routing and Dry Assembly

Make tenons at the planks’ ends with the help of a tenon cutter and a 6 mm slot-milling cutter. Tenon pitch: 6 mm; tenon length: 12.2 mm. Dry-assemble the box.

Apply 0.5 mm thick maple veneer on both sides of a 4-mm thick MDF board. Use D3 PVA glue. Press the work-piece with 16 mm MDF boards. To prevent the veneer from slipping sideways, fix it with painter’s tape. Leave the work-piece for 24 hours.

Cut a groove for the bottom and a rabbet for the cover.

Cut the veneered MDF down to the appropriate size.

Dry-assemble the box again. Check its geometrical dimensions. Rabbet-cut the corners.

Step 3: Finishing and Gluing

Sand the parts.
Hand-sand the veneered MDF board.

Apply painter’s tape to the inside surfaces.

Put the glue on the tenons and clamp the parts together. Insert the bottom without using the glue. Let the glue dry completely.

Sand away all protruding ends of the tenons.

Glue the top (cover) into the rabbet.

When the glue dries completely, cut the box into two parts using a circular saw. Remove all grooves from the saw disc and thus fit the parts together.

Step 4: Logo

Draw the Lavazza logo on the oak veneer using carbon paper. To prevent it from slipping, fix it with painter’s tape.

Cut out each letter very carefully.

Glue the finish veneer layer on the case’s cover. Let the glue dry completely, then finish the veneer.

Mark out the cover and glue each letter. Use painter’s tape to prevent slips. When the glue dries completely, finish the whole box. Attach two hinges.

Now your coffee box is ready!