Introduction: Coffee Play Dough (Mud Play Dough)

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This easy play dough has a twist of a mud consistency and color
This play dough is not edible but is still is fun for kids

Step 1: Materials

1 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

2 tbs oil

1/2 cup hot water

Optional: glycerin

1/2 cup coffee grounds

Optional: if play dough is not dark enough add instant coffee

Step 2: Steps

Mix together flour and coffee grounds
Add oil and salt
Stir until combined
Add water little by little until desired consistency of dough
If dough is to oily, add more flour and knead
Add the glycerin and stir together
Store in a plastic bag

Step 3: Results

It is a lot of fun playing with this play dough
You can get some fake bugs and other earth items
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