Introduction: Grease Removing Soap Made of Coffee Grounds

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This simple trick will help you get rid of stubborn oil, grease and paint stains off your hands by simple re-using ground coffee. This soap is also great as a gentle exfoliating soap!

** Keeping your hands clean is especially important these days!! #COVID19


1. A 3/4 full hand soap container

2. Water!

3. Ground Coffee - (used or fresh). Either use your own, or ask a nearby coffee place for some, it's nothing more than trash for them.

Step 1: Making Coffee

To make the soap, we're going to mix some ground coffee with it. The coffee grains will help remove any stubborn grease or oils stuck on your hands. But first, we need to drain all of the coffee out! otherwise the soap will turn out completely muddy.

Put 4-5 spoons for ground coffee (new or used) into a clear glass, or a glass jar. Pour hot water into the glass and mix well.

Wait for the ground coffee to slowly sink. Once it has completely settled, pour out the murky water.

Repeat the previous step until the water seems clear enough. Repeating the last step 4-5 times should be enough.

Step 2: Mix It

Add about 2-3 spoons of the washed-out ground coffee to your soap container.

I used a small container, so I only needed about one small spoon. You can either use a funnel or roll a piece of paper like I did.

Add a few drops of water to make the mixture a bit thinner.

Mix well.

Step 3: Done!

Now you can keep it in your workshop and use it to rid of grease stains, paint or other stubborn stains. You can also use this as a gentle exfoliating soap to remove dry skin!

You can also use this trick in the kitchen to clean up really messy pans using dish soap and ground coffee, or keep a small bit in your car for when you change your tires or open up the engine cover and your hands get all dirty.

Hope you like it and vote in the spring cleaning contest! :) see you soon!

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