Introduction: Coin Classification by Arduino

Every time when I go out to buy something, I always brings back some coins. Over time, I have a lot of coins. The coins are heavy, dirty, and small. I want to use a device to organize and collect the coins so that I don't waste time on the tiny and boring task of sorting coins. It can save a lot of time, and then every time when I go out, I take a few bucks away. As a result, there are fewer coins at home.


Variable resistance
5V motor

6 Trapezoid(upper bottom 5cm, lower bottom 10cm, height 15cm)

1 Circle (diameter 15cm)

1 bottom board (45cm*10cm)

1 back board (45cm*15cm)

1 Square (15cm*15cm)

2 Rectangle (25cm*3cm)

1 triangle ( wide 10cm, height 25cm)

Step 1: Cut Special Parts!

Cut the outer place of your circle by circles which have a centimeter bigger then your biggest coin.
Cut 6~8 of these circles (Make sure the distance between the circle is large enough)
Cut holes which are large enough to let your coins to fall in, but don’t make a big hole will let other size of coins fall into it.

Drill a hole from the center of your circle and the upper middle of your square. The hole is big enough to let your motor fit.

Step 2: Stick Your Cardboard!

Glue trapezoid on the bottom board using glue or hot melt glue.

Firstly, stick one trapezoid each side.
Secondly, from left to right, stick a trapezoid on the board in every five centimeters.
1.Thirdly, stick your motor with your circle though your square. The order from in to out is “Motor, square, circle”

(Make sure your motor can run with your circle properly)

Glue No.1 on your 5th space from left to right (the biggest space)

Glue triangle on the top of direct way. If it peeks out, cut it.(Make sure it fit)

2. Glue two same size pieces of rectangular cardboard vertically with glue or hot melt.

Glue No.2 cardboard to fit your triangle.

Find the best angle that each coin can falls into the holes nice and quick. Then glue it.

Step 3: Wires and Code

Motor on D5

Variable resistance on A0

Step 4: You Are Finished!

Turn the variable resistance on the machine. The wheel start to spin and bring your coin up. Then the coin roll down and developed by their size.