Introduction: Coke Dispenser

Hi everyone!

I realised, everytime I go in the kitchen in order to get some water or coke while studying I always start procrastinating on a different level.

  • I see the fridge => I open the fridge and make pancakes
  • I see a plant => I water the plants or make up funny names for them.
  • I see one grain of dust=> I realise I have to vacuum clean.

Those are just some distractions in my flat when I leave my working desk. In order to avoid any distractions, I decided to make my personal water or coke (when the next deadline is tomorrow) dispenser that is on my desk and stays there.

If you suffer of one or more of the problems above, you should make one too!


You will need

  • cardboard
  • a plastic bottle
  • a straw
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • Stanley knife
  • if you want: coloured paper, glitter, diamonds

Step 1: The Bottle

The most important part of the water dispenser is the bottle. Cut the

bottle and the straw like in the picture and glue the straw in the hole of the bottle:

If you close the hole of the straw with your finger, fill the bottle up and close the lid, the water should stay inside. If it doesn’t, you made a mistake. Try it again! To release water, just open the lid a little bit.

Step 2: The Container

The bottle has to be placed in a container now, in order to resemble an

exclusive water dispenser. You can make one easily out of cardboard. I used a small plastic bottle, for which you need the following measurements: 20x9,20x8,20x8,8x8,9x9 cm

If you have a bigger bottle your container has to be higher e.g.: 5 cm higher: 25x9,25x8,25x8,9x9, 8x8 cm

Make a whole (for the straw in the 8x8 square) The 8x8 square is the part in the middle on the pic

Cut out the following parts and glue them together like in the picture

Step 3: The Front and Top of the Container

Now the dispenser still needs a lid and a front to hide the bottle

(nobody has to know if I drink cheap no name coke because I am a poor student)

Measurements: front: 9x10 cm

Lid: 9x9 with a whole that has the diameter of the bottle.

Step 4: Finally

If you want, you can make your dispenser even more glamorous -just put colored

paper on it.

Already finished! That was easy! Thanks for reading guys, see you next time and cheers!

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