Introduction: Cola-Float Shots

A super-easy way to enjoy the great outdoors... from your balcony... This recipe is perfect for those spur-of-the-moment decisions of "I want something nice and cold". super easy with no skill needed. I came across this idea when I wanted to make some floats, but I couldn't find any big glasses to make it in, I only had a few small ones. honestly, I thought that this is actually better than the regular-sized ones because the ice cream to cola ratio is higher.


15g chocolate

pinch of crushed peanuts (optional)

2-3 scoops of icecream

1 can of coke (355ml)

4 shot glasses


NOTE: if you don't have any chocolate, you can just gut 2 ice cream cones and it will be just enough

Step 1: Prepare for Greatness

Prepare your ice cream, put it in a bowl first (trust me), then leave it out to melt a bit. Next, put a bit of water in your pot of choice, put the chocolate and peanuts in a bowl, then boil. This will prevent your chocolate from burning as the water can only be so hot. Finally, put a can of coke in the freezer.

Step 2: The Fun Part

Once all the chocolate has melted, dip your shot glasses into the chocolate and twist it around a bit. Wait for it to solidify and repeat. Do this until you have your desired amount of "fanciness". Chill all the glasses in the freezer along with the ice cream. This will mean that once it comes out, the ice cream will be at the perfect consistency, not too hard, not too melted.

Step 3: The Fun Part Pt.2

Once all the glasses are chilled, pour some coke to fill 2/3 of the glass, then scoop a couple of dollops of ice cream in each glass. serve with the biggest straw you can find, they are surprisingly thick.

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