Introduction: Cold Process Chocolate Coffee Soap Making


Palm oil 200g
Coconut oil 200g
Olive oil 200g
Beeswax 60g
Naoh 90g
Distilled water 240g
Dark Chocolate 20g
Coffee Ground (get it free from coffee shop) 10g

** Always wear safety goggles and rubber gloves 
** Work in an area that has good ventilation       

1. Weight the soap making ingredients (works in weight (g), NOT by volume (ml)

2. Add Naoh into the water
** Always add lye to water, not the other way round
** Naoh - also called Sodium Hydroxide / Dry lye
a. Gently stir the mixture until the lye is completely dissolved 
b. The lye solution will heat until 90 degree celsius
c. Set it aside in a safe place

3. Heat and mix the oils and fats

4. Mix the oils and lye solution when both temperature reach around 70 degree celsius

5. Melt the chocolate in a heat-water-bath

6. Add the lye solution to the oils and fats 

7. Stir the mixture with stick blender until its thickened (saponify, this stage is call "trace")

8. Divide the mixture in two halves
Add melt chocolate and coffee ground to one half of soap mixture

9. Pour the soap into the mold 

10. Keep it warm for 24 hours (initial curing)

*************** 24 hours later ***************

1. Slide and pop the soap out of the mold
2. Slice it into size you like
3. Set it aside to cure for four weeks 

Congratulations! Its ready to use, enjoy!

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