Introduction: Cold Frame Construction With Recycled Materials

Here is an example of how to construct a cold frame for your garden using recycled materials. You can build a cold frame without spending a dime and reduce landfill waste at the same time.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Step 1: Gather Materials
a) discarded wooden window
b) scrap pieces of wood (long enough for each side)
c) screws and nails
d) hinges
e) tools (saw, drill, hammer, measuring tape, pencil)

Step 2: Measure

Step 2: Measure
a) measure window dimensions
b) measure wood to match windows dimensions (to create a rectangular frame)

Step 3: Cut Wood for Frame

Step 3: Cut wood for frame
a) cut along pre-measured lines

Step 4: Assemble Frame (base)

Step 4: Assemble frame (base)
a) form a box with the 4 pieces of wood that have been cut
b) fasten each side together with nails

Step 5: Assemble Window Lid

Step 5: Assemble window lid
a) place window on frame to create a lid
b) fasten hinges to base and window (use screws)

Step 6: Put the Cold Frame to Use!

Step 6: Put the cold frame to use!
a) place on prepared ground in a sunny location
b) plant winter vegetables such as herbs and lettuce
c) harvest and enjoy!