Introduction: Cold Porcelain Golden Snitch (step by Step)

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many months ago I made a Golden snitch for my friends. Now, craftsmith and cassidyp34 asked me for a step by step instructable, so here we go :D

you will need:

-tiny polystyrene ball (1)
-2 toothpicks(2)
-golden color paint(5)
-glue(noy shown)(6)

Step 1: The Wings

first, you will need to draw a figure like this, looks like a feather, so this will be the guide, draw two of this wings the you will bend them by the middle  and will look more like a snitch's wings, paint them in the color you preffer, silver or gold, I choose gold color using markers.

now you have to take two toothpicks and glue them to the wings, to insert the wings in the ball

Step 2: The Snitch here is a video about how to cover the polystirene ball with cold porcelain (made by me haha)

after you have covered the ball, draw the frame of the snitch and ad some details to make it look good

Step 3: Join the Pieces and Paint

yep we hace all the parts ready, now we just need to join them. Glue the end of the wings (the toothpick) ang insert them in the snitch ball, wait an hour  and the paint it, wait almost a day and your snitch will be ready to a good quiddicth match ;)