Introduction: Collaborative Family Art

This project is great for Mother Daughter projects or father daughter projects or even older brother and sister projects: it does work better in groups of 2 but you could do more this is my first instructable so bear with me and give me plenty of feedback
so first you have to gather supplies:tape, sketch paper, primary colors watercolor paint, scissors, paintbrush, marker, family members.

Step 1: Prepping Workstations

Tape down your sketch paper or watercolor paper to work surface for each individual person. Then tape off a pattern on your sketch paper. Grab a timer let's make it fun

Step 2: Pattern Time

Okay hand out everybody a marker and let them pick one section of the taped off pattern and rotate out so everybody gets to play on everybody's paper stay in the taped off section selected

Step 3: Its Painting Time

Select a pattern or original sketch paper that you started with and paint in this we used primary colors to teach my daughter about mixing colors watercolor paints work best for this project so you can see the pattern underneath

Step 4: Take a Break Let It Dry

This is a great time too have a healthy snack or dinner

Step 5: Remove Tape

Remove tape slowly and carefully not to tear the paper

Step 6: Group Collaboration

As a group decide who will be the background and who will be the weave in this part it doesn't really matter because both will be seen almost equally

Step 7: Its Cutting Time

Be sure that the youngsters are being supervised if using scissors otherwise adult can do a cutting for you
The weave should be cut into strips you can do it into patterns but it makes it complicated straight cuts are easier considering the age level I was working with we use straight cut
The background should have strips cut into it without doing the outer edge you can do this by pinching and cutting

Step 8: Taking Turns

And the steps my child got to learn how to take turn we took turns weaving the strips into the background over and under rotating out each side then when finished we flipped it over and taped the side to the back to where they would not move and now you have a finished product collaborative family art

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