Introduction: Collage Binder

Binders can be boring. Have you ever wanted to make it more personal? Well this is a perfect art project you can do with things you might already have around the house.


  • Any size three ring binder
  • Magazines (new or old)
  • scissors
  • clue stick (dries clear)
  • Mod podge
  • paint brush/sponge brush

Step 1: Pick Your Photos

What I did to begin this step I collected all the magazines I wanted to use ,then I looked through the pages and bookmarked all the pages I wanted to cut out and use for my final product.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Photos

The second thing you will need to do to complete this project is go back to all your bookmarks and remove the pages from the magazines, After you've done that go through the pages and cut out any of the images you want. I also suggest cutting out backgrounds such as colors or patterns it can really help bring your collage together. After you've cut out your images, set them aside and get your binder.

Step 3: Making Your Design

Once you've grabbed your binder it's time to set up your collage. What I personally do for this step is I first put down my larger/background photos. Then layer all the other photos on top with whatever you might think would look good. Binders can be tricky with this step so I also suggest doing this on a flat surface.

Step 4: Glueing Your Photos

This step can end up with sticky fingers but once you’re done you won't regret it. For this step you will need to grab your glue stick. First thing you will need to do is remove all your photos that you placed before hand on your binder. Then you will cover the front side of your binder with glue then take your background photos and place those on first. Next thing you will need to do is take all your other photos and cover the back of the photo in glue. I strongly suggest not placing the glue on the background photos to place your other ones, this can cause your photos to rip. Continue this step with every photo until you are satisfied with that side. Then repeat step 3 again on any other side of the binder then repeat this step.

Step 5: Mod Podge Painting

Once you’ve glued all your photos to each side of the binder, and you are satisfied with how it looks grab your paint/sponge brushes and mod podge. I find it easiest to just pour a line all over the individual side of the binder and then use the sponge brush to spread it. Mod podge dries fairly quickly and should seal all your photo together and give a glossier look and feel. After one side dries continue on and do this step to each side of the binder.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Personal Binder

Once all your sides have dried your done!! Enjoy a binder that can feel more like you and personal. You can do this project with almost anything not just a binder, folders and notebooks are fun to collage too

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