Introduction: Colleague 2.0

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So as you can tell, this is another colleague instructable. If you have seen my last colleague, it was on making pictures with colleagues. This one is how to make calendars with the same colleague idea.



Pictures on your computer

A preferred colleague making system

Step 1: Picking Your Pictures

First, you are going to want to pick your pictures for your calendar. Mostly you are going to want to pick cute pictures that go with the month. If you run out of those pictures, you can always use pets to fill in.

Step 2: Organizing Your Colleague

So after you pick your pictures, you are going to want to organize them. Organize them how you want and choose your backgrounds to match the pictures that you have on that page.

Step 3: Fonts and Special Dates

Once you have your pictures arranged, you can choose different fonts to mark the month and year. You also might want to add family members birthdays or other stuff that is special to your family.

Step 4: Presents

Congrats, all of your hard work is done. Now for the presentation. I recommend giving the calendar to them in late December or for a New Years' day present.