Introduction: Colloidal Silver Generator Pocket Sized

With people buying and stockpiling cleaning supplies and medicine during the Covid-19 outbreak and quarantine, it may become necessary to learn how to make your own.

A Colloidal Silver Generator uses electric current to dissolve silver into water. This can be done with an AC wall adapter, but this generator will use 27 volts direct current from three 9V batteries. The design was made to keep this device portable and convenient.

Colloidal silver is a solution of silver particles suspended in water and can be used in many ways. Silver has a unique effect in that it has anti bacterial properties. Manufacturers of colloidal silver claim that it can be used as a topical antiseptic, a natural disinfectant, can be used to boost your immune system, etc...(It's basically a cure all) I cannot claim to know everything about colloidal silver but, I have used store bought solutions for years and wanted to try to make my own. It is important for you to read up about Colloidal silver to understand what it is and what it can do for you.

Here is a website that should answer any question you have concerning colloidal silver, they also sell Colloidal silver generators:

And here's another website detailing the hazards of a DIY colloidal silver generator

Either way you could easily hurt yourself through electrocution, or through high silver consumption. So I cation you to be careful if you decide to follow this instructable.

Step 1: Supplies & Tools

I used:
Two pieces of silver

Two aligator clips

Three 9V batteries

Three 9V battery clips

A piece of thin cardboard (Soda can box, cereal box, etc...)

Distilled water

A Hot glue gun

Hot glue

A ruller

Wire strippers

Wire cutters

A glass container (cup/jar)

and a Soldering iron

Step 2: S I L V E R

You can use any piece of silver that is at least .999% pure

I'm using some silver coins and a silver ingot that I had lying around

Silver ingots, bars, coins, cutlery, jewellery , just about anything you can think of can be used here. Silver strips, and silver wire is available online specifically for colloidal silver making. I used a couple of silver coins and a silver bar.

Step 3: The Base

-Measure the back side of one of your battery clips

-Use the length to mark out an equilateral triangle on your thin cardboard

-Color in the cardboard with the marker

-Cut out the triangle

-Glue each of the three battery clips to the cardboard, Wires facing up away from cardboard

-Fill the space in between the clips with hot glue

Step 4: Wiring

The wiring for this is simple. We are going to connect these battery clips In series (red to black, red to black)

-Cut and strip four of the six leads as shown in the picture, dont cut the two leads at the end yet

-Twist together both pairs of wires, and solder together

-Clean up the wires by hot gluing the exposed ends into the center

Step 5: Alligator Clips

Glue the alligator clips to two points of the triangle

My alligator clips are colored coded so I glue the red clip closest to the long red wire, and the black clip closest to the black wire.

-Glue them to the sides as shown in the picture

*It is important that the tips dont stick out too far past the bottoms of the battery clips, these are going to be right above the surface of water. If they are submerged they may dissolve along with the silver and contaminate your colloidal silver.

once glued in place the remaining wires can be soldered to it's corresponding alligator clip.

Step 6: Clean Up

If there is any hot glue on the battery terminals it should be cut off, I used a razor.

Step 7: Finished Up

That's it for the build of this project, next up is using it to produce colloidal silver

Step 8: Making Colloidal Silver

Attach all three batteries to the generator, and place it on top of your glass

(once the batteries are connected there will be a risk of shock, dont let the two pieces of silver contact )

Add Distilled water up past the silver electrodes.

*Don't let the water touch the alligator clips, you wouldn't want the steel to dissolve along with silver

From here just leave the generator in the glass of water for a while, I usually leave it for about 30-45 minutes for a glass around this size

Step 9: Colloidal Silver Production

You should use Distilled water for this because of it's purity, I tried using purified bottled water for one batch and it came out cloudy. I think that's the minerals reacting with the silver. I honestly dont know if that makes it safe to use, i got rid of that.

Now the website I listed earlier has put up a couple of very good points

"It’s virtually impossible to verify particle size without a Transmission Electron Microscope."

"Without a way to measure how much silver actually ended up in the product, it’s impossible to know how much silver one is ingesting"

I do not have any way to measure my colloidal silver so, you may be wondering how to tell if the generator is doing anything. A laser pointer should be able to show the silver particles in the water.

-With pure distilled water the laser shines straight through but, after around 45 minutes of generating the laser becomes visible in the water.

Step 10: Colloidal Silver Uses

My main use of colloidal silver is ingestion. I take about one teaspoon once a week. Ingesting too much colloidal silver can become toxic. Ingesting colloidal silver is a good way to clean out your insides(I'm not a doctor but this seems to work well for me. Any time I feel ill, or a cold coming on I take a little colloidal silver and it usually clears up. While colloidal silver kills harm germs, viruses, and bacteria it will also kill a lot of good bacteria inside you like your gut microbiome, so just be aware if you watch for that sort of stuff.)

Colloidal silver can be used to make eye drops

fill a dropper bottle with colloidal silver and add a pinch of salt to make an anti bacterial saline solution

Colloidal silver can be used as a cleaning product

fill a spray bottle with colloidal silver and you can use it to disinfect surfaces and objects(this wont be as powerful as something like cleaning wipes) Spray it into your shoes and it should kill the bacteria making them smell bad, spray it directly on to your skin to help clear up acne, rashes, or any skin blemish.

Colloidal silver can be used to keep cut flowers fresh for long periods of time.

adding a few teaspoons of colloidal silver to a flower vase will keep the flowers alive longer, you can add some to your house plants too.

Step 11: Just Be Carefull With It...

Please dont shock yourself with the generator, and dont use too much silver on yourself.

Step 12: Harmfull UV Rays

You should store colloidal silver into UV resistant jars to keep UV rays from clouding your solution. If you do not use UV resistant jars it should be okay to use a sealed glass container so long as you keep it in a cabinet out of the sun. I usually use mason jars and store them in a cabinet but you could use an empty wine bottle so long as it's darkened glass.

Step 13: Wrapping Up

I've read that you can make better Colloidal silver by agitating the water during the generating process. The theory is that by agitating the water the silver electrodes release larger particles of silver. You could use a small aquarium air pump to bubble up in the water or a magnetic stirrer. (I have no way of testing if this makes a difference)

Hopefully you can use this to make your own colloidal silver. Stay safe and keep clean everyone!

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