Introduction: Colorful Smoke Vortex Ring

Step by Step Tutorial on how to build a powerful Vortex Cannon.


Industrial Bucket

Plastic Shower Liner

Duck Tape

Surgical Tubing

Bolts and handle(Optional)

Soda Bottle


Step 1: First Cut a Whole on the Top of the Bucket Leaving 1.5 Inches on All Sides

Step 2: Then Sand the Inside Smoothing Out Any Rough Edges

Step 3: Adding a Handle (optional)

I used three large bolts to connect a piece of wood which I could connect a makeshift handle to. After completing the project, however, I realized that it is much more effective to hold it by your waist, making the handle not needed.

Step 4: Next Cut a Large Circle With a Diameter of About 1.75 Feet

Step 5: Using the Top Portion of the Soda Bottle, Screw the Bottle Cap On, With the Thread Under the Circle.

Step 6: Sink the Soda Bottle About Half Way Into the Bucket, Draw a Line Around Where the Canvas Touches, and Cut the Excess Off

Step 7: Cover the Plastic in Duck Tape to Strengthen the Canvas and Prevent Any Rips

Step 8: Drilling Holes on the Sides of the Bucket and Soda Bottle, Run the Tubing Through Both to Create Tension

Step 9: By Filling It With Smoke and Shooting It Through Light, the Smoke Will Change Colors