Introduction: Comfort Box

The comfort box is a special device designed for all age of people who suffer deep pressure. According to studies, positive, and inspiring quotes or words could be a huge motivation for a person. The comfort box includes 3 quotes: fearless, be brave, and love yourself. These are the 3 essential qualities that people should possess in order to achieve a happier life and a healthier mind.


- Arduino boardX1

- Short and line iron wires X19

- Led light (Red and blue for my device)X2

- BuzzerX1

- Led screenX1

- Sensor X1

- Resistance X 3

- Button X1

- Portable ChargerX1

- Charging cable X1

- Hot glue gun

- Wooden board for the machine body X6 (The size of the board will be mention below)

- Tape

- A small piece of Hook and loop fastener

Step 1: Coding

Explanation :

The main coding starts at the : Volid Loop

First, complete the coding for the LDR sensor module.

- Code : Find out the current value of the LDR sensor

If the sensor turns out the value lower than 5 , then there are 3 possibilities, the button was not pressed, or the surrounding was too dark, or something covered the sensor. The screen will show up “scanning” before someone press the button to turn on the device.

Next, complete the coding for the 4 messages (scanning, fearless, be brave, and love yourself.)

The code for the “scanning” The code for the sliding arrows: for loops are used to create the moving arrows The code for the “fearless, be brave, and love yourself”

- In order to show different messages, I divided the sensor level to 3, and the remainder will turn out to be “0, 1, 2” which represents the 3 messages. The messages will show up randomly. It will make the experimenter feel like the machine is sensing his/her mood by waving his/her hand in front of the sensor, which is a moon shape on the box.

Finally, complete the coding for the LED light and the buzzing sound

Link for the code :

Step 2: Connect the Circuit

Connect the circuit that work with the code.

Step 3: Lazer Cut

There will be 6 wooden boards in total to create a box shape.

Measurement for reference :

20.5cm *13.5 cm X2

13.5cm*6cm X2

20.5cm*6cm X2

Decorations (Moon and stars for my device)

I cut a small rectangle on the top of the box but I found it useless, so you could ignore it.

Step 4: Complete the Device

1. Stick the wooden boards together, instead of the top one, into a box-shape.

2. Use a piece if tape to stick the top board on its side in order to keep it open.

3. Cut a small piece of Hook and loop fastener and stick it at the place where the sideboard and the top board touch. (Think it as a door)

4. The size of the box will perfectly fit an Arduino board, the size of the circle will fix the buzzer, the LED light will shine through the stars. Fit all these in the box.

Step 5: Done!

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