Introduction: Comfy Pumpkin Pillow

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I've been wanting to make a pumpkin pillow forever and I love those cute decorative pumpkin pillows but I wanted to be able to use it as a proper pillow in bed without the awkward bulk, so I opted for a simple design and it turned out so comfy.


A sewing machine, can hand sew if you don't own one.

craft string thread

needles and pins


construction paper and tape or large paper


Step 1:

If you have a large piece of paper you can skip the beginning step of taping 4 pieces of construction paper or scrap paper together. Then trace your pumpkin pattern on one half fold the paper in half with the trace on the top and cut out a pumpkin pattern.

Step 2:

Take your fabric and fold in half inside out and pin the pattern to the fabric and cut the fabric out about a cm from the edge of the pattern. Remove the pattern and pin your back and front together still inside out.

Step 3:

Sow the edges together a cm from the edge all around leaving a hole to invert to the outside and fill with the pillow stuffing and then sew shut. Optional take a craft string and sew a curved crescent through the pillow to create a more pillow-like shape. Start sowing from the top that way when you reach the bottom sow the middle part close and you have a comfy pumpkin pillow.

Step 4:

Now you have a pillow to go take a nap with. Enjoy.

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