Introduction: Comic Duct Tape Wallet

About: My name is Reuben and I like to make little stuff that doesn't involve a lot of high-tech equipment. I make stuff that's simple and easy for everyone.

A simple and easy duct tape wallet, with all your favorite comics that will make you laugh every time you look at it. All you need to make this classic wallet is...


  • Duct tape
  • Contact Paper
  • Comics
  • Velcro
  • Scissors

Step 1: Make Front and Back of Your Wallet.

Cut out a piece of contact paper that is a little bit larger than a dollar bill. Peel off the back layer and stick your cut up comic strips onto it. trim everything that sticks out.

Step 2: Tape the Front and Back Together.

Set the pieces with the comics facing DOWN on your work space. Set them at an angle to each other as shown in the pictures, then tape them as shown. You can overlap the tape as far a you like onto the sides without the comics, but only overlap about one centimeter onto the sides with the comics. Trim off all excess as shown. Fold so the two bottom edges are touching, and put a piece of tape along the bottom edge, but only overlap onto each side about one cm. You may need to cut the tape in half to do this. Do the same to the inside edges. Then, repeat on the other side what you did to the first, remembering to only overlap 1 cm. Coat the inside with tape. You should be left with a pocket-shaped figure.

Step 3: Make the Flap-lid.

Make another side in the same way as you made your first two sides- cut out a piece of contact paper, put the comics on it, and trim the edges. Then, overlap pieces of tape onto the front about 1 cm, and cover the back with tape. Tape it onto the pocket on one of the long top with a long strip of tape on both sides. Again, make sure you do not overlap too far on the outside edge.

Step 4: Add Velcro.

Stick the Velcro onto the flaps on the bottom corners of both the flap and the side it will close onto. Flatten the wallet and push the side flaps that stick out into the inside of the pocket, and then you're finished. I'm sorry for the unclear instructions and the lack of photos, but feel free to ask questions, or post helpful comments.