Introduction: Comic Makeup

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Today i'll show you how to transform into a comic character that will look like you just came out of the comic pages!

Step 1: Gather All You'll Need

White face paint

White eyeliner

Baby powder

Bright blue eyeshadow

Navy blue eyeshadow

Black face paint or eyeliner

Red lipstick

Pink face paint

Pencil with sewing pin

Makeup brushes and sponge

Step 2: Foundation

Use the white face paint to paint all over your face, ears, neck and chest. I like to use it a little diluted so the white shade is not SO white.

Seal the foundation with some baby powder all over you face (this will make the color more even).

Step 3: Eyes

Put white eyeliner in your lower water line to make your eyes appear bigger. Put bright blue eyeshadow all over your lids and dark blue eyeshadow in the outer corners.

Use the eyeliner to make a very thick line in the upper and lower lid and make three little lines in the lower lid simulating eyelashes.

Step 4: Face Gestures

Use the black face paint to draw lines in different parts of the face such as eyebrows, nose, frown, jawline, collarbone, etc. You can get inspired by looking at some comic drawings.

Step 5: Lips

Paint your lips with the red lipstick, outline them in black

Step 6: White Spots

We're going to give some light to our makeup by adding white spots with the white face paint (not diluted this time) in the brow bone and lips.

Step 7: Dots

To make the dots that simulate the comic's pages use your sewing pin in the pencil and dilute some of the pink face paint. Use the sewing pin as a stamp and draw the dots one by one. Don't forget the chest, arms and hands if you're going to show them.

Step 8: Ready!

Finish up with lots of mascara and a bright color wig. Keep your outfit simple and with bright colors too.

Have fun!

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