Introduction: Heart-shaped Vertical Garden

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Looking for an original and cute mother's day gift? You love flowers but do not like the fact that they die very soon?

This heart-shaped vertical garden is a beautiful way of showing Mom how much you love her. The great news is that it will remain green for several months

Try some variants of this technique, what about using a base with the shape of letters, such as "M-O-M", or "L-O-V-E"... isn't it lovely?

Then let's get started!

Step 1: List of Materials

To create this vertical garden you will need:

  • 1 MDF heart-shaped base
  • 5 succulents
  • Black soil
  • Bonsai soil (akadama) or Plant food
  • Moss
  • Galvanized poultry netting
  • Paint (can be aerosol or vinylic)
  • 1 pc of cellophane paper
  • Water
  • Pliers and scissors

Step 2: Paint the Base

Paint the base with aerosol or vinylic paint. Let it dry.

You can choose the color you like the best. I recommend grey since it is a very neutral color that matches almost any space.

Step 3: Protect Base With Cellophane Paper

Place the cellophane paper in the base. Do not worry if it is large, we will cut it later.

Step 4: Start Filling With Plant Food

Place a thin layer of plant food or akadama.

Step 5: Add a Layer of Soil

Add a layer of black soil, ensure that the food and the soil do not mix.

Step 6: Cut the Galvanized Netting

With the help of the pliers cut a piece of galvanized netting in the size and shape of the heart base.

The piece you will cut needs to match the base perfectly so that it contains the plant food and soil

Step 7: Place the Galvanized Netting Inside the Base

Ensure that it matches perfectly the base. It is OK if it curves a little, we will cover that space with moss later.

Step 8: Clean the Succulents

Clean the succulents by removing the soil from the pot.

Step 9: Place Succulents in Base

Place succulents in the base, the root of the succulent should be placed in the soil. Do not worry if the soil does not cover the root completely.

Step 10: Add Water to the Moss

The moss should feel wet enough to compress it with the hands.

Step 11: Fill With Wet Moss

Take the moss and fill the spaces between the soil and the galvanized netting. This step is crucial since the moss gives the humidity to the vertical garden and also keeps the succulents secure in the base.

Step 12: Hang and Enjoy

The last step: hang it! You can put on a lace so you can hang it. You will notice it will not fall down and will look amazing!

Yous succulents will remain alive for a long time. Bring the humidity they need by spreading water with a hand pressure sprinkler 2-3 times a week.

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