Introduction: Compact Cooking Kit

This is something I put together several years ago, as I wanted a way of carrying my cooking gear without taking up too much space in my motorcycle panniers. It will also fit neatly into a rucksack or bugout bag.

Step 1: The Kit

Mess tins.

These provide the basis of the kit, the box to store it all in, saucepans to cook in, and of course something to eat out of.


This is a compact cooking kit in is own right, originally the cooker sat in the round pan with the pot holder, the windshield forming the lid. I've retained the pan in this kit as its the right size to make a cup of coffee!

Gas cylinder.

This is a 100g propane/butane mix. This gets away from the problem of the gas icing up in cold weather. I also take a larger cylinder for longer stays, as this is only suitable for day trips.


Knife fork and spoon kit, along with a small sharp knife to prepare food with

Can opener.

For opening cans! This particular one I've had since the 1970's, its the easiest I've found to use

Condiments tin.

Small tin containing sachets of salt and pepper.

Small lighter.

To light the cooker, some of the new versions of cooker have a piezio lighter fitted.

Folding cup.

Something to drink coffee/ soup out of! This is a Swedish design, and are issued to their military.

Soap and toothbrush.

Hygiene is paramount before and after a meal. I can hear my late mother even now telling me to wash my hands before a meal, and to clean my teeth after. Ok so there's no toothpaste, but even a good brushing helps. The soap is also used to clean your pans after cooking.

Cleaning sponge.

For washing up, and to stop everything rattling about.

Hand towel.

A lint free cloth tor drying your hands and equipment, also helps stop the kit rattling about


Just a few sticks of instant coffee so you have something to drink. Instant tea or cup soup can also be added.

Step 2: Putting It Together

Fist I fold the hand towel and line the smaller of the mess tins.

Next I nest the cooker pan and windshield together, place the gas cylinder inside, and pack it with the coffee sticks.

This is placed in the mess tin, the folded cup is then inserted with the cooker fitted into it.

The rest really is then just fitted around these. To be honest I've probably laid it out differently every time I've used it.

Place the cleaning sponge on top, fold the handle, and place the larger of the two mess tins on as a lid. Secure with an elastic strap.

Step 3: Go Out and Enjoy

As I said at the start I use this when I go camping on my motorcycle, there's nothing better than a cup of coffee and a fresh cooked bacon sandwich early on in the morning. The mess tins are just the right size for a packet of ramen noodles, cooked up with veggies and meat they make a nourishing stew.

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