Introduction: Computer Build KCTC

The first thing you have to do is to check if your computer works before hand, then take it all apart.

Step 1: Case Fan

Next thing is to first screw in the case fan so air can flow out of the pc and keep it from overheating.

Step 2: Standoffs

Put standoffs in so the motherboard doesn't fry itself and you put it in the holes shown above.

Step 3: Motherboard

Next is to screw the board down and make sure it wont fall.

Step 4: Processor and Thermal Paste

When you have your motherboard in place, you want the corner that has a triangle to match with the one on the motherboard, then you will want to add a rice shaped thermal paste then put the heat sink on top and make sure its tight.

Step 5: Power Supply

Put the power supply in the case and screw it in. Make sure the red notch is turned to the low voltage and connect the 4 pin and 24 pin to the motherboard.

Step 6: CPU and Heat Sink

After the power supply, put the CPU on the motherboard and then put thermal paste on top of the CPU and put the Heat Sink and make sure the latch is down so the Heat Sink is tightly down.

Step 7: Connectors

Next is to plug the 3 pin cpu fan from heat sink to USB 3.0, plug the case fan 4 pin sysfan_1, plug front panel connectors to jpf_1, plug in 4 pin from power supply to cpu connector and 24 pin

Step 8: Hard Drive

One of the final things to do is to make sure the hard drive is securely in place and connect the SATA cable from motherboard to hard drive and 20 pin connector.

Step 9: POST

Your computer should be complete and now see if your computer beeps and make sure you connect a vga cable to a monitor to make sure it works and turns on.