Introduction: Computer Protection Case

Objective of this trip
-Resourcing for different types of computer case.
-Understand the material they use for computer protection.
-Find out the pros and the cons of current matterial and resources, understand the reason why they use those matterial.
- Resourcing for alternative materials that is suitable for the case.
-Estimate the cost of the overall product
-Making the imagination to realities

The protection case is to enhance anti shock from the from the current computer case and to further improve the stability and usability of the computer case.
The features are
-Anti shock
-Self customisation
-Waterproof martial

Step 1: Product Design

Step 2: Tool and Martial

Those are the material that will be using for create this laptop sleeve/case.

Step 3: Assemble

This process is focus more on the dissect the original product and design, evaluate on the material they use and find out the flaws of the current matterial and improve on what is needed to enhance the product usability.