Computerized Bouncing Gator

Introduction: Computerized Bouncing Gator

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Taking my Bouncing Gator, I decided to automate the process of "flicking" the guy to keep him moving. Why not let an Arduino and a servo motor do the work?

Step 1:

You need a base to hold the servo motor--and that was 3d printed.

Step 2:

I needed a sketch for the Arduino to control the servo motor.

#include <Servo.h>
Servo gator;

void setup () {


gator.write(170);//arm out of way



void loop() {

gator.write(65);//smack gator


gator.write(170);//arm out of way


gator.write(80);//stop gator to prepare for smack


gator.write(170);//arm out of way



Step 3:

Fasten the servo motor and drinking bird legs to the base with machine screws.

Step 4:

Wire according to this schematic.

Now, you should have hours of mechanized gator smacking.

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