Introduction: Concept Phone - Future WishList (Made for a Contest Long Lost)

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I Love the Blackberry, its emails & its damn keyboard and have argued with all my friends regarding physical keyboard vs touch. I'll buy it if such a tough phone does come along.

I dint go overboard on the wants-list as wants are endless, lets see.... I'd like brain controlled functions like the kickstarter helicopter, Jarvis's 3D technology from Ironman, the supercomputer power & manufacturing of Skynet from Terminator, Indestructibility of Superman , Telepathy........ :)

I've tried to enter this contest using my Blackberry Classic as a concept base for a practical, affordable,rugged, multipurpose phone/gadget which we can see hopefully in a couple of years, not a decade away ;)

Do vote for this idea if you think it to be practical and usable and hope to use it one day.

Step 1: The Body of My Phone

I find it much easier to use a keyboard phone as I don't have to look at it again and again while multitasking office work. Some of you might find the ideas absurd, or primitive even, but almost everyone I observed, would like something of use instead of show, so apologies in advance if you don't like it.

Keeping most of the specifications of the Blackberry Classic intact,

I would like this phone to be IP65 - 67(Water/dust resistant) ready, with 2 years of warranty, color Black(Plastic) & Silver(Metallic), in a classy non slip finish,

and with...

1. 1500 Mh x 2 Removable batteries

(Battery A primary battery and battery B secondary, with the option of cheap standard batteries being easily available) Battery B discharges first then A,so that the phone never switches off. A powerbank is an easy option, but sometimes extra luggage to carry everywhere. Carrying portable batteries like photographers do & easier handling in factory / field work.

2. Six -Three Sided Protective Bumpers

(Six on the corners, each covering front,side and reverse side, made from military grade/specialized hi quality rubber, covering the sides and the corners of the device from floor impact, and making it a shock absorber) The screen should be protected with genuine shatterproof screen-guards available 3rd party giving convenience of changing in case of bad scratches (getting the OEM display glass changed isn't cheap). Standard 3rd party phone bumpers are mostly decorative and stylish and we actually don't know if they are effective until we drop them and then get the phone repair bill.

3. Front,Bottom & Reverse Facing Loud Speakers

(having heard the low sound of the ringtone when the phone is against a surface, leading me to face missed call notification, my phone would have a loudspeaker front, bottom & reverse side) For listening to music, I think this would give me a good surround sound without having to position my phone at smart weird angles.

4. Fingerprint Reader

(For security and for viewer side detection) Ergonomically,my thumb will always be on top of the phone,irrespective if I'm sitting at a desk or lying on my back.This would beat the builtin gyroscope as the gyroscope would only tell up or down. Then our fingerprint swipe shall allow the phone to know which side I'm looking at. Also dual swipes for okaying the alarm snooze button, a sleepy wrong swipe would make the alarm on full volume.

5. Dual 8 Mp Carl Zeiss Camera one with LED & other with Xenon Flash

(I could suggest a 13Mp but that would only take the price up) The uses of Xenon vs LED have been argued a lot, both with different lighting capabilities & battery effect. We get the best of both. And with the help of the finger print reader user side detection, our phone would ask us if we would like to blind ourselves during a selfie.

6. Lock button for screen selection

(3.5" 300 ppi hi resolution Front screen AND a 300 ppi color or b/w 4" E-ink Back screen ) The lock button would enable us to use either or both of the screens,keeping sure we don't accidentally use the other screen. The e-ink screen would enable us to do hours of reading, writing and multitasking apps on a flight without having to hunt for the powerbank or spare batteries.

Details on e-ink taken from :

7. Extra Range External Booster Antenna

(Every user nowadays suffers from poor carrier signals,maybe a rugged Effective external antenna would help) It could be smart rugged antenna on the border of the phone starting from the side and embedded in the top side bumper,so as not to poke the skin while fishing for tower signals.

8. Dual LED Torch

( Preferably in cool temperature with 5-10 degree beam angle for those dark nights in the outdoors) I would also love a built in laser for distance measuring, an IR blaster for the TV and also measuring temperature if possible.

This concludes the physical body / looks/ hardware of my tough phone. Now lets get onto the brain inside....

Step 2: The Brain Inside

I know I've wished for a lot, but I really hope this wishlist might come true someday.

Wishful thing for default applications:

Maximum of them apps are available on store,payable or free, but what is the use of a secure system when we have to grant 3rd parties so many permissions, examples to add,delete modify emails,accounts and pictures? My reasons for asking the undermentioned softwares as default as I think about my privacy, I once gave permissions to a caller identity app, next thing all my contacts sent to some server were shared, all apps ask near about similar permissions making themselves little tidy databases without our true informed knowledge.

1. Visiting Card Scanner

(Direct addition to address book, and ability to backup on device as VCF files)(Like inside Nokia's E72 multiscanner app)

2. OCR for quick copying of documents and saving hassle of rewriting them, only editing. (Like inside Nokia's E72 multiscanner app)

3. Vibrate on call connection, waiting holding etc.

4. Screenshot manager

5. File Manager ( Like ES File Explorer)

6. Call recorder

7. A permission viewer and modifier ( WITHOUT Rooting and hardcore programming)

8. IMPORTANT : Direct emergency dialling / smsing / location sending to contacts,police & women safety helpline.Also the camera should switch on after killing all other functions.It should automatically go into a recording mode with medium resolution with a simple home screen , hiding the emergency process, Only the phone , gps should become active. There could also be a battery saving mode where both cameras become active silently with blank screen upon high pitched voices or face detection. (You could make it in sweet pink color with a built in taser)

9. Heart Beat Monitor (available by default in some OS's)

10. A proper To-Do list, with Delete confirmation.

11. Speed gun app

12. A trigonometric distance and angle measuring camera.

13. Voice Modulation (Banned in some places, but awesome to avoid confrontations from bosses)

14. FM transmitter enabled.

15. IMPORTANT Max Call / Max Data Mode ( Avoid call drops & poor battery lifes, Phones search from highest G strength like 4g,3g then 2g even if the highest strength is poor killing the battery life and heating up the phone in the process.Poor signal strength affects battery life badly. Why Not have a Max call mode where it uses the highest strength signal instead of hanging on a poor 4g signal, even when a good 3g strength is available starting from 2,3,4G? And A Max Data Mode would try to give 4,3,2G whichever with maximum data strength.

Just split the algorithm & coding) ;) easier said than done.

That does my tiny, heavy, rugged, business phone wishlist / concept :)

The excessive use of the Upper case & the use of "I" & "we" is for emphasis.

Technical specifications of the Blackberry Classic are available online for reference.

This might be a concept or an idea, I just put it to paper, and paper to keyboard for this contest. If you like the concept/idea//something please vote & many Thanks for voting my idea in the phone contest.

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